Welcome to the Flood Plains Directory

Welcome to the Flood Plains Directory where you can browse for local environmental protection agencies, national governmental bodies and ecologically-focused charities which help protect your home against risks such as flooding. We hope this resource will be useful to you when finding contact numbers, email addresses and office locations to discuss flooding risks in your local area.


UK Government Agencies

The Environment Agency is the UK government body which protects the local area against flooding thus you should consider our contact numbers directory if you need to report a flood, complain about building on floodplains and to apply for a fishing licence.



You can contact the British Ecological Society on their membership enquiries number for queries about costs, their publications and environmental research.

The National Flood Forum is one of the UK’s leading flooding relief charities, you can phone their helpline number for information about the services provided.

The Flood Plains RSPCA page has the UK contact numbers required to make a donation to the charity or to report a case of animal cruelty over the telephone.

You can contact a representative from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) by calling their supporter enquiries telephone number.

Our website has the contact number for the Scottish Flood Forum, if you would like support following flood damage specific to a local community in Scotland.

Flood Plains also has the contact number for Trees for Cities, for anyone who would like to make a donation over the phone.

The Flood Plains Directory also has the contact details for the UK branch of the WWF charity so that you can discuss your membership or how to adopt an animal over the phone.

Local Wildlife Trusts

Phone The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust on their enquiries number for information about any volunteering opportunities, or their conservation efforts throughout their nature reserves and the Rover Cherwell.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust is featured on the Flood Plains Directory where you can find telephone numbers for making a donation, volunteering for a job role and to find your nearest nature reserve.

Our database includes the contact number of the Manx Wildlife Trust head office so that you can arrange to make a regular charitable donation over the phone.

Alternatively, you can find the phone number the Somerset Wildlife Trust on our website, ideal if you would like to enquire about the charity’s membership programme.